Friday, September 4, 2009

A Fine-Looking Rain Tank

If you are looking to conserve water, rain collection barrels are a terrific option. The rain harvesting devices allow you to collect water that would otherwise just run off of your property and never get used. As this method of collecting water is gaining popularity, the number of these rain barrels on the market has been increasing recently. This review is of the Achla RB-03 model.
Just from an initial visual appearance, this rain barrel different than most others. Today, most of the rain barrels that you can find on the market today are round. The Achla RB-03 is rectangular. From a placement standpoint, this type of shape offers great advantages -- chiefly the fact that it is flat on its side means that you can place it closer to a wall without have any wasted space. Since it's rectangular, it also takes up far less space than most round barrels.
Another advantage that this particular rain barrel has over other rain collection barrels is its color -- it's brown. The brown shade allows the barrel to blend in with most, typical garden environments and color schemes. A number of other rain barrels are green, and although green is probably a color that you think of with regard to gardening, the green barrels usually jump off the scene, visually, and are therefore quite noticeable. Of course, you may not view this as an advantage as color selection is a very personal decision.
The Achla has it spigot on the very bottom of the barrel. This is superior to most other rain barrels as it allows you to harvest all of the water from the barrel without having to tip it over which can be clumsy and awkward.
Since the barrels are rectangular, instead of round, you can easily place multiple units right next to one another. This allows you to collect even more rain water and store it in a smaller space. This is a great way to conserve water, save money, and help the environment.
A vast majority of the rain collection barrels that you can buy today are made of some type of plastic. The Achla RB-03 rain catcher is no exception. It too is made of durable plastic so it will last a very long time. Unlike most other models, it has a very nice, wood-grained finish.

There are many rain collection barrels on the market today. The Achla RB=-3 has many distinct advantages over some of the other rain barrels for sale today. If you are in the market to purchase one or more rain barrels, this model is worth consideration.

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