Friday, September 18, 2009

Garden Pal™ 100 Gallon Rain Barrel

Rain Tank Depot set out to design the most economical rainwater collection barrel on the market. What we came up with is the Garden Pal™ Rain Barrel. The Garden Pal™ isn't a scuffed, recycled barrel that smells like olive oil or pickles; it's constructed from 100% virgin UV inhibited polyethylene resin that complies with FDA regulations for potable water storage. The pigments used for color help to suppress algae growth. The Garden Pal series continues to be the lightest, most affordable, and easy-to-install rain barrels yet to reach the market. The Garden Pal Rain Barrel arrives with a 16mesh mosquito-proof screened basket installed and a 3/4" male hose adapter. Place the Garden Pal under your downspout, attach your garden or soaker hose, and watch your garden bloom (regardless of municipal water restrictions)! While this rain barrel weighs a user-friendly 25 pounds, the dimensions are too large for UPS and need to ship by LTL truck. Oftentimes, the freight rate remains the same whether you order one, two, or four Rain Barrels. To help you get the most for your money, we have created multi-barrel packs for those who want to combine their rain barrel orders with friends, family, and/or neighbors for drastic reductions in shipping costs.

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