Friday, September 4, 2009

How Much Rain Can Be Collected Off My Roof?

It's a common question from folks looking into the idea of installing rain barrels at their home or business. Chris Glen, Director of Operations for RainTankDepot was kind enough to give us the simplest answer we've been able to find.
To find out how much water your roof will collect you first need to calculate the catchment area. L=total length of your house W=total width of your house (L+eaves)x(W+eaves)=Catchment
(36+4)x(46+4)=2000sq.ft. -1 inch of rainfall can provide an average of 600 gallons per 1000 sq ft. catchmen tarea. (Catchment area/1000)x600gallons=total gallons of water collected per1 inch of rainfallExample: (2000/1000)x600gallons=1200gallons.
To find out how much you will collect in a year:
Total gallons of rain water per sq.inch x average rainfall per year in inches=total gallons per year Example: 1200 gallons of water per sq. inch x 20 inches of rainfall a year=24000 gallons!

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