Thursday, September 3, 2009

Texas Rain Barrel Rebates

The city has announced a new rebate program to help residents save water. Through the rain barrel rebate program, city of San Marcos TX single-family residential water customers can receive up to a $50 rebate for purchasing and installing a qualifying rain barrel. Residents may receive rebates for up to two barrels per home. Barrels must be new, finished rain barrels sold solely for the purpose of collecting rainwater, and must have a capacity of 100 gallons or less. Barrels also must be screened or covered to restrict accessibility, and must be ultraviolet-resistant to prevent algae growth. According to San Marcos drought rules, rain water is considered an alternative source and is exempt from drought restrictions.For more information visit the city’s Web site at or contact Jan Klein at 393-8310.
The Garden Pal™ Rain Barrel is the most affordable qualifying barrel available.

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