Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Ideas Introduces Its First Hybrid Composter/Rain Barrel

Lake City, PA –January 2010- Good Ideas is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Compost Wizard Hybrid taking rain saving and composting to a new level. The fusion between the popular Compost Wizard Jr. and the Rain Wizard 50 gives our customers the choice to purchase one product and fulfill two needs: saving water and making compost.

The new product includes a tumbler composter which is specifically designed on top of a modified rain barrel. Once the media starts to become compost, all the excess liquids are designed to flow out from the composter and into the rain barrel, making the rain water "mineral rich" and ready to be used on your plants and gardens. It’s like making your own fertilizer water except this is organic and ready to use with no mixing required.

The foot print of the Compost Wizard Hybrid is half the size of the Rain Wizard 50 and the Compost Wizard Jr., thus taking up less space in the consumer’s backyard. It comes fully assembled in two separate boxes that have been specifically designed to be just under the oversized requirements of Federal Express and UPS. This product ships like a dream.

Finally, the hybrid is designed to retail at least 10% lower than the combined retail prices of the Rain Wizard 50 and the Compost Wizard Jr. Customers who were going to buy both a composter and a rain saver can now have it all in one easy to use hybrid. Made of LLDPE sturdy molded construction, a wide 12" hard shell injection molded lid, wheels for easier turning, and many aeration holes for quicker drainage and compost making the Compost Wizard Hybrid is a must use for the homeowner interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

Best of all, the Compost Wizard Hybrid is made in the USA and comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

For more information on the Compost Wizard Hybrid or any other Good Ideas products call toll free at 866-926-5603 or contact us at .

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