Friday, July 16, 2010

Contain Aboveground Rain Barrel

Rain Tank Depot is happy to introduce our latest Rain Barrel- the Contain Aboveground Free-Standing Modular Rainwater Tank Fence!

The Contain Aboveground measures only 7.5" thick and goes virtually unnoticed along narrow pathways or fences. Collect rainwater for use in your gardens, irrigation or washing your vehicle.

The Contain Aboveground has the ability to perform as a free standing fence, water shed and can be mounted on all angles. A variety of alternative applications prove to be great under decks, custom benches and area segregations. The Contain Aboveground has been designed to withstand the hot summer sun and has a UV stabilizer added -UV8, the maximum UV protection for polyethylene.

In your search for the perfect rainwater harvesting tank please ask yourself this question before you make your decision: Are you comparing tank only prices, or have you looked at the cost of transportation and installation as well? When comparing larger tanks to the Contain Aboveground, it is important to take into account the total cost of ownership with both solutions. The Contain Aboveground is designed to be inherently "greener" than its competition: it is easier to handle, transport and install, it is reusable, and it is 100% recyclable. This added durability and usability costs more upfront, but once you add delivery and especially installation, as well as maintenance to the larger tanks the cost difference suddenly changes.

The Contain Aboveground is an architecturally designed unit that has been made of the highest quality plastics. It is visually discreet, structurally robust and can be installed on any of its sides. If you are looking for a long lasting quality product which adds value to your home, and requires virtually no on-going maintenance, there is no comparison between the Contain Aboveground and alternative options. Collect rainwater for use in your gardens, irrigation or washing your vehicle.

Each tank holds 58 U.S Gallons of rainwater and can be easily expanded to any size required. The Contain Aboveground is available in Rivergum Green or Beige to easily blend into its surroundings. Affordable and easy to install. This system is perfect for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

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  1. Having good design of rainwater tank is very nice to see in your backyard.