Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Save $150 on Aquadra Rainwater Tanks

Visit Rain Tank Depot today and save $150 on Aquadra Water Tanks!

The Aquadra Systems’ modular rainwater collection tank’s unique design is large enough to hold 75 gallons of water, while also keeping a low impact on the exterior appearance of your home. It comes in a variety of colors and can endure all weather conditions.

The Aquadra Tank comes with a kit and full instructions on how to securely mount the unit onto your house, fence, garage, etc. The kit contains non-proprietary parts and items that can be found in any hardware store should you need to replace any bolts or hookups.

After the Aquadra tank has been secured, all you need to do is wait for the rain! The down spout from your home’s gutters will divert to the top of the Aquadra Water Tank. An average house roof can collect 75 gallons of water in about 14 hours.

The Aquadra System Specs:
  • Length: 12inches
  • Width: 24 inches
  • Height: 72 inches
  • Weight: 50 lb (empty)
  • Storage: 75 Gallons

Although these are the standard colors, the Aquadra Water Tank can also be ordered in any color you wish!

Visit Rain Tank Depot today to take advantage of getting this great product for the lowest price around!


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