Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainwater harvesting from start to finish (final cost $1.26/ gallon retained)

I've put together this post regarding a residential rain tank system we just installed here at our humble abode on the upper Texas coast.

As usual, this is a noncommercial post. I provide extensive sourcing here, but no corporate entity has provided any financial consideration in exchange for being cited.


When researching stock tank gardens a year ago, my challenge was that there was almost no relevant information on the internet - I had to invent a system.

With rain harvesting, I had the opposite problem - an overloadof information, an avalanche of greenie propaganda, and umpteen million commercial rain harvesting vendors, applications, and configurations that simply were not relevant to my specific goal, which was a volume-effective but easily-managed system at a rock-bottom price that an ordinary urban or suburban homeowner could DIY in a weekend or two without the need for specialized skills or tools. So once again, I've been forced to think through a new type of application here, but in response to a very different challenge.


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